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    From forming your company, to free business documents, to raising capital.

    Our simple question and answer system makes filling out complex documents a breeze!

    LawCloud’s library of free legal and business documents covers your business over its entire life span from formation to raising money. Watch this video to learn how we can save you money on legal expenses!

    • Company Formation Services

      Starting a new business?  LawCloud offers a full suite of formation and registered agent services.  Click the button above and we will walk you through the entire process.  Not sure if you should form a Corporation or an LLC?  Read this article to learn more. Our standard incorporation package is $99.  We offer the following:

      • Company Formation in all 50 states

      • Registered agent service in all 50 states (our questionnaire will explain this)

      • Employer tax ID services (EIN Requests)

      • S-Corp filings

      • Post-formation packages for more complex business issues include:

        • Founder restricted equity purchase documents
        • 83(b) Election Forms
        • Board resolutions
        • NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement)
        • Disclosure and Regulatory Filings
    • Disclosure and Regulatory Filings

      LawCloud provides a full suite of disclosure documents as well as regulatory filings related to financing transactions. We can help entrepreneurs, law firms or others who need to file with the SEC.

      • Form ID – required to file any forms with the SEC
      • Form C – required for all equity crowdfunding issuers
      • Form C-AR – annual report for equity crowdfunding issuers
      • Form D – required for any company raising capital under certain exemptions
      • Reg A
      • Private Placement Memorandum – detailed disclosure document for private placements
      • PPM Risk Factor Tool – helps assess drafting concerns in a PPM

      Form ID / Form ID Credential Renewals

      A Form ID is necessary for any company that needs to file any form with the SEC through the EDGAR Filing System.  Our tool walks you through the process including online notarization of required documents.  The SEC requires you to renew your login credentials each year and we can help with that tedious process as well.

      Form C

      Because of the JOBS Act and SEC regulations, to raise money through Title III Crowdfunding, a company must prepare a Form C and file it with the SEC prior to launching an offering. The Form C you prepare using LawCloud reduces the time necessary for the final review by your lawyer.

      Form D

      A Form D is required to be filed by any company raising capital under certain SEC exemptions. If you are conducting an offering under Regulation D, you must file the Form D within fifteen days of closing your deal.

      Reg A+

      Reg A+  allows private companies to raise up to $50 Million from the public. Similar to an IPO, Reg A+ allows companies to offer shares to the general public and not just accredited investors. Companies looking to raise capital via Reg A+ will first need to file with the SEC and get approval before launching the offering, however, the fees associated with a Reg A+ offering are much lower than a traditional IPO and the ongoing disclosure requirements are much less burdensome, effectively making a Reg A+ offering a mini-IPO.

      Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)

      A company provides this disclosure document to potential investors and serves as a record that all material information about the company has been disclosed. A PPM is especially useful when raising money from investors who are not well known to the principals of the company.

      PPM Risk Factor Tool

      If you are raising money from friends, family, or sophisticated investors, you may not need to use a full PPM document, but you should still protect you and your company from liability if anything goes wrong in the future. A customizable comprehensive set of risk factors for disclosure to investors.

    • HR and General Business Documents

      General Business Documents – We offer many free business documents as noted below.

      All documents use our easy to understand question and answer system so you don’t get bogged down in legalese.

      • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA)

        • Unilateral NDAs

          • Used when only a company is providing confidential information to a single recipient.
        • Mutual NDAs

          • Used when both parties will be providing confidential information to each other.
      • Licensing Agreements

        • SaaS Agreements

          • For companies providing hosted software product services to its customers.
        • Software License Agreements

          • For companies providing off-the-shelf unmodified software as a product offering to its customers.
        • Data License Agreements

          • For companies providing data as a product offering to its customers.
      • Website Terms of Use & Privacy Policies

      Employment Documents

      • Offer Letters

        • An employee offer letter to be used in combination with an employment agreement for employees hired under contract.
      • Employment Agreements (w-2 & 1099)

        • For use when companies intend to specify certain terms of an employment relationship that go beyond what is typically covered in an offer letter.
      • Consulting Agreements

        • To be used when a company intends to engage an independent contractor for their services.
      • Termination letter

        • Provided by a company to an employee informing them of termination of employment and providing a summary of the information that they will need to know such as any severance pay, timing of the termination, and any rights to continuing health benefits.

      Documents for Corporations

      • Corporate Bylaws (DE & NY)

        • Generic corporate bylaws for a Delaware or New York corporation. This document discusses the powers of the board of directors, and the appointment of officers, indemnification among other things. All corporations should have a set of bylaws.
      • Corporate Resolutions

        • These documents allow shareholders to approve corporate actions.
      • Corporate Voting Agreements

        • Used if certain shareholders are assigning their voting rights to others.
      • Meeting Minutes & Notices

        • It’s important to document meetings and provide proper notices as good corporate governance.

      Documents for Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)

      • Operating Agreements

        • Member Managed

          • This is an operating agreement governing the operation of an LLC that is managed by some or all of the members or owners of the company. This is different from a manager managed LLC, which is managed by just one controlling person or entity.
        • Manager Managed

          • This is an operating agreement governing the operation of an LLC that is managed by a manager (person or entity) rather than some or all of the members or owners of the company, which would be a “member-managed” LLC.
        • Single Member

          • This is an operating agreement for an LLC with only one member (owner).
      • Joinder Agreements

        • A new member to an LLC should sign a joinder agreement to become party to the company’s operating agreement so it is clear they agree to all the terms.
      • Certificates and Plans of Conversion to Delaware Corporation

        • These documents are used by an LLC that intends to convert from an LLC into a Delaware Corporation. This is often done when companies want to raise capital as many investors insist the entity be a Delaware Corporation.
    • Capital Raising Documents

      Raising capital is an exciting step for companies and can come with very high legal expenses.  We have full sets of documents that can be easily filled out through our simple question and answer system and then presented to your attorney for review.  Or we can recommend an attorney who will provide you with a review.

      Deal Documents for a wide range of Reg D financing transactions:

      • Convertible transactions
      • Preferred stock transactions
      • Stock transactions
      • Notes, subscription agreements, board approvals, etc.
      • Packages available

    Need a lawyer? Qualified and flat-fee attorneys are available to help!

    Our technology can handle the leg-work, but if you need to run things by an experienced corporate lawyer, we are happy to refer you to qualified and experienced lawyers! These attorneys can answer your questions along the way, quality check your important legal documents, and make sure that they are complete. These lawyers are generally familiar with our technology and documents, saving you money!