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    Product Interest

    We help law firms become technology enabled.

    Our fully white labeled enterprise solution can put your law firm at the cutting edge of the legal technology movement.

    Form ID and Form D services that integrate directly with EDGAR
    Custom Coding of your proprietary documents
    Coding of highly complex documents available – not “fill in the blank” software

    How We Help Law Firms

    White Label Solution

    The LawCloud enterprise solution allows your firm to keep your own branding and establish a technology portal for your clients to increase efficiency in drafting documents.
    • Assign your proprietary documents through the portal once we code them
    • Custom onboarding questionnaire
    • Dashboard allows you to see client progress on assigned documents
    • Ideal for flat fee work given massive efficiencies

    System Can Handle Your Documents

    The LawCloud system is capable of handling your own firm’s proprietary documents. We work with firms handling their own complex documents so they can deliver an efficient and sophisticated solution to clients.
    • System remembers information and prefills future documents
    • Errors avoided in document packages since technology remembers data previously entered (across documents)
    • Ability to assign different sections to different people

    Suite of Financing Documents

    We can assist firms that do not have a large suite of documents by providing access to a library of professionally drafted financing and general business documents and a system to efficiently deliver solutions to your clients with your branding. We also help tech enable law firms with key complex documents and direct SEC filings with EDGAR. Key documents include:
    • NVCA documents
    • Private Placement Memorandum
    • Form C
    Filing Services:
    • Form ID
    • Form D
    • Form C
    • Form C-AR