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Full suite of white label solutions for incubators and accelerators.

Full range of legal solutions for startups ranging from a suite of free legal documents to complex financing packages all at no cost to your entity.

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How We Help Incubators and Accelerators

Free Suite of Legal Documents

LawCloud offers accelerators and incubators a free suite of legal documents for your cohorts at no cost, saving them time and money.

White Label Solution

Our enterprise solution allows you to keep your branding while offering highly value added legal technology services to cohorts.

Value Added Smart Software

LawCloud software is smart and remembers companies and their data, so the more a company uses the system, the easier it gets. The low cost and ease of use helps startups keep their corporate housekeeping in order.

Full Range of Financing Packages

LawCloud’s offers a full range of financing packages, including a PPM tool, Form C service, Reg D and Reg A transactions. We can refer you to attorneys who will review this at flat rates.

Good Corporate Governance

Our advanced legal technology document assembly software enables entrepreneurs to establish the legal documents to support good corporate governance which helps protect the business.

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