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    Coworking spaces love our enterprise solutions.

    We provide free access to a suite of business legal documents for your members. Our proprietary software allows us to offer assistance with complex transactions at a very reasonable cost.

    Suite of Free Legal Documents

    Our white label enterprise solutions allow you to offer a suite of legal documents at no cost to you or your members. This allows you to offer lots of value to members at no cost to you.

    The general categories of documents are:

    • Incorporation Services
    • Business Documents to Run Your Company – FREE
    • Capital Raising Documents
    • Regulatory and Disclosure Services if necessary

    Proprietary Smart Software

    Our software remembers users, so the more they use it, the more it remembers. This makes the system simple to use and saves lots of time.

    • Enter information in one document, future documents prepopulate
    • Ability to separate legal documents into projects
    • Simple Question and Answer system fills out legal documents

    Complex Financing Solutions for Members

    Ready to raise capital for a business? LawCloud software and its iDisclose product allow us to handle complex legal matters, including financing packages, at very reasonable rates.

    • Variety of Capital Raising Documents and Packages
    • Simple question and answer system that entrepreneurs understand.
    • Law Firm referral for cost effective legal review.

    Good Corporate Governance

    Our advanced legal technology document assembly software enables entrepreneurs to establish the legal documents to support good corporate governance which helps protect the business.

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